Weighted blankets for stress and anxiety relief

Weighted Blankets, as the name implies, are heavier than normal blankets. While definitely unusual for the average person, they have a lot of benefits for those suffering from disorders such as insomnia or anxiety. There whole existence revolves around providing care and comfort in a safe method that inevitably helps reduce symptoms. By using weighted blankets, you can gain stress and anxiety relief.

The Benefits:

Weighted Blankets can be used for children and adults. The blankets help to lower stress, simply by being wrapped around an individual. In fact, by being wrapped inside these comforting blankets, one achieves a state of mind equivalent to peace, that brings relaxation and allows people with insomnia to sleep at peacefully. 

How it works: 

Weighted Blankets push the body down. While it seems relatively simple, this has a very big calming effect on the human body. The blankets simulate a sort of deep pressure touch, which is a therapy that uses pressure to help reduce stress or anxiety. In other words, a weighted blanket applies the pressure that helps with stress and anxiety relief.

With deep pressure touch, the mind can be manipulated into believing it’s in a haven. This  causes the body to release dopamine, which are hormones produced by the brain. These hormones produce feelings of happiness and peace. These hormones help reduce stress and anxiety in the human body.

The Weight Matters:

The actual weight of the blanket you should purchase varies from person to person. It’s recommended that you get a blanket within five to ten percent of your ideal body weight. For children, it’s recommended to have a blanket that is ten percent of their body plus one pound. However, I recommend consulting a doctor before purchasing your blanket to provide you with the best size for you to purchase. It’s a good idea to involve your doctor in the decision to begin using weighted blankets and any decisions to use your own remedies to help with mental health symptoms. 

Not for everyone:

A weighted blanket isn’t for everyone. In fact, because of its weight, it can be quite warm.  The blankets can be made from natural fiber or other fabrics that are hotter, and that can cause many problems. This  heat is not healthy for everyone. So, this product might not be for you if you have any issues with heat. 

If you’re feeling stressed and need anxiety relief, try investing in a weighted blanket!

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