Combat Anxiety in 60 Seconds

Anxiety can be overwhelming.  The constant worry, fear, feelings of impending doom and insomnia can take a toll on all aspects of your health. Learning what how to quickly relieve your symptoms can drastically improve your health.

There are many sources that provide tips on anxiety relief.  Most provide tips like, exercise, go for a long walk, or journal.  These are great tips for consistent, long-term anxiety relief but what if you need quick relief?  What if you are at work and need immediate anxiety relief?  Here are 3 ways to combat anxiety in 60 seconds or less.

     1. Office Stretch

Complete a simple office stretch routine.  Stretching provides a number of health benefits.  It releases tension in the muscles, increases blood circulation and restores energy levels. A quick stretch routine at your desk will allow your mind to refocus on an activity that can briefly relieve your mind of negative thoughts.

*Stand up then sit back down.

*Gently shrug your shoulders in an up and down motion.

*Turn your head left then right.

*Give yourself a big head to stretch your back.

*Do this office stretch 3 times.


     2. Breathing techniques

A deep breathing routine can also help.  

*Take a slow deep breath in through your nose.  Make sure you fill your lungs.  

* Hold the breath for a count of “four”.

* Exhale slowly through your lips.  Keep your facial muscles relaxed.


     3. Listen to Music

Put your headphones on and listen to some music that calms or relieves you.  


These short-term options will help you get through a difficult day.  It is important to have an anxiety plan for long term anxiety symptom management.  Contact a mental health professional for long term anxiety help.

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