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Are anxiety, depression or low self-esteem making it difficult for you to function? Are you feeling sad, depressed or unfulfilled?  We can help! Get professional CBT therapy to help you handle anxiety and life transitions. Home Care Therapy can help you end feelings of inadequacy, sadness and anxiety.  After working with our licensed counselors, you will have better relationships and improved self confidence. Call us today to start your journey to life fulfillment.


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We provide in person and virtual counseling services to individuals dealing with stress and anxiety. 




Low Self-Esteem

Relationship Struggles

Treatment Approaches 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Client Centered

Motivational Interviewing

Person Centered

Solution Focused Brief


Individual Therapy


Mental Health Consultant Services

HCT professionals enjoy providing consultation and training for staff teams; providing inservice and seminar/workshop experiences on a wide variety of topics.

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Home Care Therapy offers counseling services by experienced mental health professionals virtually in Wisconsin or Colorado or in office located in West Allis, Wisconsin.  Based on the client needs, we will create a plan for your mental health and wellness.

HCT is a counseling practice geared toward mental health and wellness for individuals going through life transitions.  Life transitions are things like divorce, job loss, break-ups, moving and overall life adjustments.  After working as a mental health professional for several years, I saw a need for focused and individualized, care to improve the quality of life for my clients. I understand the challenges of going through a life transition and I have had a lot of success assisting clients adjust to new ways of life and gain a sense of peace and happiness. HCT provides mental health services that allow clients to have confidentiality and personable, mental health and wellness services. Please explore our page and contact us if you have any questions regarding the services we offer. Thank you all for your support!


Daniesha Perry MA, LPC
Owner/Licensed Professional Counselor

Home Care Therapy 

10025 West Greenfield Ave Suite 110

West Allis, WI 53214


HCT also offers a wide range of therapy self care products, tools and consulting services for everyone. 

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